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Your dream patio, made of pavers, brick, tile, and more...


Patios, like walkways, are created from a variety of materials. When choosing these materials, it is important to think of the entertainment usage of the surface. For instance, pool decks should never be smooth or slick, but neither should they be rough and abrasive. Patios and decks should be level and smooth, as uneven pieces of flagstone or brick can be potential trip and fall hazards. Patio shape and size should be carefully considered and properly laid out prior to any installation. They will be one of the most expensive aspects of your landscape project; however, they will also add the most value to the total landscape.

We specialize in tile, brick and flagstone patio design and installations, as well as redwood pergolas, entry and shade garden arbors, and privacy trellises projects. While we have clients everywhere in South and Central California, we primarily serve Santa Barbara, Carpentaria, Ojai, Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Newbury Park.

When planning your patio, keep in mind these important questions:

  1. Will I need surface drainage or area drains?
  2. Will there be steps or raised landings and will I need to install low voltage step lights?
  3. Are we keeping the patio elevation 2' below sill plate? Have we created enough fall or slope away from the house?
  4. If you are placing stamped concrete, have you accounted for the small pockets of water collecting on the surface and provided additional fall or slope to remove it?

Asking and answering these vital questions will ensure the success of your project.